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The main objective of Due Diligence is to carry out an analysis on the viability of the real estate business before making a major investment, so we must take into account some aspects such as:

  • Property Background: take a trip back in time to the origins of the property; confirm if the current dimensions have been the same since then or if it has been merged or subdivided; analyze the methods of acquiring the property over the years.
  • Tax Analysis: confirm that all required tax payments are up to date.
  • Free of all charges (without encumbrances): make sure the property is not encumbered; that there are no embargoes, debts, credits or annotations involved.
  • Current owner: confirm that the person you are dealing with is actually the rightful owner; ask for their identification and addresses. In case of co-ownership, confirm that you are dealing with the correct representative and that you have the consent of the other owners or that the legal entity accredits it in the same terms.
  • Property nomenclature: verify that the measurements and property limits of the deed coincide with those of the Municipality; ensure that there are no discrepancies and/or changes in the property.

* Contract Review: The review of a contract is the process of detailed analysis by a lawyer who specializes in the mortgage area of ​​a legal document to determine if it contains all the necessary elements for a valid agreement and to identify any clauses or conditions that may result in a liability or risk for one of the parties involved. This review is usually done before the contract is signed to avoid potential problems later.

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