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We are a consulting company, dedicated to 4 services

• Business Credit of any type, Revolving, Working Capital, Bridge, Leasing, SME, etc.

• Insurance and bond advisor.

• Property Management.

• Mortgage credit.

Mortgage Credit

We offer the service of management and accompaniment in the contracting of a Mortgage loan, as the figure of BROKER.

• Our service has NO cost to the client and we work with the main banks in Mexico, Santander, Banorte, Banamex, HSBC, ScotiaBank, Banregio, Bx+, Afirme and Banca Mifel.

• We take care of all the procedures and processes of client profiling, evaluation, prequalification, application, appraisal, contracting and formalization.

• In addition to the available options, we look for the one that best suits your needs and with the best financial conditions.

Types of Mortgage Credits

Acquisition, for the purchase of a new or used house or apartment, with or without support from Infonavit or ISSSTE. (finished work)

• Presale, for the purchase of a house or apartment, which is in the construction process, at least 30% complete and will be delivered in less than 18 months.

• Substitution, if you already have a mortgage loan contracted either with a Bank, Sofom, Infonavit or ISSSTE, we can change it to another of the banks with which we work, improving the financial conditions of the credit.

• Liquidity, if you are already the owner of a house or apartment, it is paid and free of encumbrances, we can manage a credit at the term and rate of an acquisition credit with the mortgage guarantee of the real estate.

• Purchase of land and construction, if you want to carry out your own home project, we will finance you in this project.

type of accredited

The accredited are qualified by the way in which they receive their income and prove it.

• Salaried or assimilated to salary, perform a subordinate relationship to an employer and receive recurring remuneration, normally there is a labor contract.

• Independent professionals, carry out activities independently and charge for each service provided. (PFAE)

• Shareholder partner, who owns all or part of a company and his income is related to the profits of said company.

• People who have income from various activities, but have no way of proving it because they receive it in cash and no receipt is issued to support the income (only Banco Santander).

Foreign customers

We also have a credit option for Foreigners:

• With temporary or permanent residence in Mexico, with income
verifiable in Mexico for at least 2 years.

• American and Canadian economy, with verifiable income in those 2 countries and good credit history, up to 70% capacity, minimum housing price of $250,000 dollars.

• Mexican clients, living in Mexico, work for a US company and receive their income in an account in the USA.

• Coming soon Spanish Economy.

The solution for contracting a Credit Mortgage.

The service we offer is personalized, all clients have something different, so it is our job to understand and satisfy the housing or investment needs of each client, seeking at all times the best financial and service conditions for contracting the Mortgage Credit in any of its modalities, since the banks with which we have agreements have different characteristics, conditions, policies, affinity for a particular client profile, costs and promotions that make a difference in the Credit process.

There are many variables to consider in a Mortgage Loan and the job of the Real Estate Broker is to sell houses and apartments, so we are at your service to serve your clients who need or want a mortgage to close the sale, we take care of everything else.